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Mobile Acupuncture of Scottsdale

Let Us Come To You:

In-Home Acupuncture

We take our acupuncture clinic services on the road and come to you at your home for a custom in-home acupuncture treatment.  We get it. You don't always have time to make it to the clinic. Desire for privacy, traffic, crazy work hours, family, etc.  All of these things can make it tough for visits to our acupuncture clinic


Let us take the stress out of the drive and come to YOU at your home in the Scottsdale or surrounding area.  We provide a unique service that brings you back to the days where health-care providers make house-calls.


We service within a 10 mile radius of old town Scottsdale. We offer a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and treatment program that may include acupuncture, cold laser therapy, and cupping therapy in the privacy of your own home.  

We are an extension of Hidden Rhythm Acupuncture, a long established acupuncture and cold laser therapy clinic in Tempe.


Meet Piper, our Acupuncture Therapy Dog!  Piper regularly helps us at our Tempe clinic.  Upon special request, we can bring Piper with us for house calls. 

Acupuncture Therapy Dog

Interested in the latest news on acupuncture, fitness, laser therapy, and even dogs?

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Our In-Home Acupuncture & Healing Services

Comprehensive Care Using Both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Tools for

In-Home Acupuncture Treatments

Our mobile acupuncture services include all treatments performed by Craig Amrine, L.Ac., a fully licensed acupuncturist since 2008. He has the expertise and experience to provide the personalized expert care that you deserve.

  • Pricing: One mobile on-site acupuncture session — $215 (This is an all-inclusive treatment that can include acupuncture, laser therapy, cupping therapy)​.    $235 For extended range (beyond 10 mile radius of Old-Town Scottsdale).

  • Back-to-back bookings (2 patients or more) mobile on-site acupuncture session at same location— $110 for each additional patient.

What does this price give you?  We provide a full assessment, diagnosis, and treatment with acupuncture, cold laser therapy, and cupping therapy.

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Acupuncture Services


Stop pain. Improve Health

Cold Laser Therapy Services

Cold Laser Therapy

Speed Injury Repair. Decrease Inflammation

Cupping Therapy Services

Cupping Therapy

Decrease Swelling. Improve Mobility

Conditions We Treat

Acupuncture as a Form of Pain Management

Pain Management

Chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, nueropathy, pudendal neuralgia

Joint, Muscle, & Other Injuries Being Repaired by Acupuncture

Injury Repair

Back, neck, shoulder, knee, hip, plantar facciitis,carpal tunnel syndrome

Respiratory Problems Being Treated with Acupuncture

Asthma / Allergies

Allergic rhinitiss, sinus congestion, asthma, lung inflammation, Covid-19 recovery

Person Living with Emotional Disorders that can be treated with Acupuncture

Emotional Disorders

Stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, insomnia, drug addiction, PTSD

Digestive System Boosted by Acupuncture

Digestive Disorders

IBS, constipation, diarrhea, GERD, nausea, bloating after eating

Women's Reproductive System Benefiting from Acupuncture

Women's Health

Fertility, IVF, labor induction, menopause: hot flashes, osteoperosis, painful periods, ovarian cysts,

Athletic Training Aided by Acupuncture

Sports Performance

Decrease stress, improve endurance, enhance performance

Individual Managing Stress Thanks to Acupuncture


Exercise, nutritional counseling, stress management

Cold Laser Therapist Holding a Cold Laser System

The New Avant LZ30Z Laser for our Patients

While we've helped thousands of patients heal injuries with our Apollo Laser System, we have just added the Avant Laser System to our tool set.  What makes the Avant system so special is that it incorporates the massive power of the Apollo system and adds additional wavelengths (colors) and offers both continuous wave and pulsed options.  This increase in capabilities opens up a whole new chapter on our ability to treat a much larger range of injuries medical conditions with cold laser therapy.  To put it simply, we can heal injuries faster, decrease pain and inflammation quicker, and get you back to an active lifestyle quicker than ever before.

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Customer Reviews

You can see additional reviews from our Google business page HERE

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Craig, at Hidden Rhythm Acupuncture has been a life saver for me.    I have been challenged with chronic diarrhea for over 30 years.  I had been diagnosed with IBS, stomach ulcers, and an eroding esophagus.  I have had every diagnostic test & taken a variety of prescription drugs with very little resolute.  My digestive problems controlled my life.  I learned about Craig from my massage therapist who said “Ro, you should give acupuncture a try, what do you have to lose? “  I was hesitant but made the appointment.   I was very impressed with the first visit with Craig.   He was professional; truly interested in me and what were my major concerns.   I am amazed that after six treatments I am now in control of my life.   The diarrhea is not just under control it is gone!  My entire digestive system has improved.   If you have ever wondered would acupuncture work for my condition, try it, it is amazing.

Roanna D.

For more information about Mobile Acupuncture of Scottsdale's services, our staff, or to make an appointment

Mobile service offering treatment within a 10 mile radius from Old Town Scottsdale

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